Prayer Needs

Please join us in praying  for the following ...




Dwayne Hubbard
Joe Himes
Jane (Betty Lou's Sister)
Kathy (Rachel's Friend

Susan Wolfe

Debbie Collison
Jessica & Baby Boy
Baby Rhett
Baby Jackson

Randy Rife

Pastor Paul
Bob Oatney
Bonnie Bowles
Terry & Jackye
Nancy Rose


Debbie & Louis McCoy
Linda & Karl Hartmann

Gene & Reda Bainter
Miranda (Debbie's Friend)
Brenda (Debbie's Sister)
Dianne Poling (Randy's Aunt)

Vickie Sabala (Emmie Meadow's Mother)
Larry Dennison (Debbie Collison's Father)
Michael & Melissa Collison
(Jeff Collison's Brother & Sister-in-Law)
Mark Collison (Jeff Collison's Father)
John Smith ( Debbie's cousin's husband)


Our Youth
Our Leaders
Our President
Our Nation

Our Community

Our Congregation
All In Need Of Salvation
Our Loved Ones In Need Of Salvation