Prayer Needs

Randy Rife
Pastor Paul
Anna Jantz
Bob Oatney
Nina Fahrer
Bonnie Bowles
Mikiah Strome
Kathy Prior
Our Youth
Our Leaders
Our Nation
Our Community

Our Congregation

Please join us in praying  for the following ...

Linda & Karl Hartmann
Gene & Reda Bainter
Tom Abrams
The Carpenter Family
Rosemary Lama
Susan Wolfe
Dianne Poling (Randy's Aunt)
Arnelle (Rosemary's Sister)
Julia Fanin's Unborn Baby
Priscilla (Jeff Slagell's Mom)

Our Loved Ones In Need Of Salvation
Vickie Sabala (Emmie Meadow's Mother)
Larry Dennison (Debbie Collison's Father)
Michael Collison (Jeff Collison's Brother)
Jim Seth (Linda's brother-in-law)